First of Many Not-So-Great-Photos

Here is my foray into photography.  This abstract work is the culmination of years of me being too afraid to take my curiosity for photography seriously.  I woke up this morning, went out, and bought a camera.  This is one of the biggest investments I have made in my adult life.  Not sure if I should feel embarrassed or accomplished.  Either, I did it and I must admit that I have absolutely no clue where to begin.  So I am starting this “Photo” blog of sorts to help me figure it out. I am excited to learn about photography.  I think it is best to approach this with absolutely no agenda.  Just take it for what it is and see where this will takes me.  Being an artistic sort of person, any means of expression and creativity is intrinsically appealing to me.  It is also important for me, that while I am on an unintentional break from dance, to have other forms of creative expression. I do not know how long this blog will last, or what will come of it.  I could wake up one day and decide to delete it on the spot.  Or it could become something of a catalyst that leads me to the currently unknown.  Either way, these beginning moments are exciting for me.


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